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About Me

Sarah Braun is a heritage preservation and socioeconomic development specialist, avid writer, and travel blogger. Her current goals are focused on the growth and development of socially responsible travel and tourism in the private sector, as well as advocating for world heritage across the globe.Her educational and professional experiences over the past 8 years have taken her to work and live in Florence (Italy), Garmisch (Germany), Lugano (Switzerland), and Paris (France). She has worked as a consultant with the UNESCO Sustainable Tourism Programme and has partnered with NGO organizations in Rabat (Morocco) and Rome (Italy), focusing on the economic influence of tangible and intangible heritage and its vital role in socioeconomic development.

She has traveled extensively through the United States, Europe, Central Asia, and North Africa. Her research has drawn on these experiences, resulting in presentations and lectures at international conferences, organizations, and colleges—including the UNESCO ‘Ethics Education for All’ in Bangkok (Thailand), UNESCO Headquarters in Paris (France), and the Monmouth College in Monmouth (IL, USA).

She received her Master’s Degree from the American University of Paris in 2015, where her studies focused on the importance of Public-Private Partnerships for sustainable development. Her most current research looks investigate the development of better Impact Assessment (IAs) frameworks for measuring the economic value of cultural and social factors.

Sarah currently resides in the United States, but is often on the move for work or research purposes.

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