wall-900x600As a CONSULTANT : 

With a Master’s in Cross-cultural and Sustainable Business Management focused in Public-Private Partnerships and eight years of combined experience in the sustainability, cultural heritage and tourism sector, I can help you:

  • Develop a sustainable tourism program and implementable strategy that is right for your destination.
  • Create and design a business plan for a new venture, or provide consultancy services to analyze, improve and optimize existing business structure.
  • Reach out to  groups in the public and private sector that might share an interest in your organization’s mission to create mutually beneficial and lasting partnerships.
  •  Increase visibility on social media platforms, launch project campaigns, and communicate more effectively with the local community and surrounding area to foster complete stakeholder engagement.


As an ART CONSERVATOR:portfolio1

Studying under experts in Italy and Switzerland, I can also provide art conservation and restoration services − including long-term monitoring and maintenance plans − with a focus mainly on mural paintings, frescoes, and works on canvas. My  specific specialty is in 20th century murals paintings on concrete. However, I can also provide services for stone, stucco, and small scale metal and ceramic objects.




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22-900x600As a WRITER :

With six years experience in web content creation as a blogger, freelance writer and editor, I can create high-quality content for your brand, publication,  and website. Having worked with organizations like UNESCO, iFLIP4, and LoveItaly!, where my own personal work has been featured, my writing background covers various topics across the travel, tourism, global awareness and social enterprise sectors. I also run my own personal travel and heritage advocacy blog at A Hopeful Wander.




After traveling and living a broad for the better part of a decade, I have learned invaluable tips and tricks that will help design a one-of-a-kind travel experience tailored specifically to your needs. My mission and passion in life is to share the beauty of travel and the world with others. Let me help you have your own hopeful wander.

In addition to personal travel itineraries, I also have extensive experience planning group travel and events, so there is no trip too big or too small  for me to design just for you.



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